San Francisco Community Fishing Association is a cooperative of fishermen as equal owners of our wholesale fish business.

We are strong advocates of effective, sensible, and sustainable fisheries policies. Protecting the public trust resources of the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean requires active management of local fisheries and participation of fishermen.


We want to make sure independent fishermen can make a living; we want to grow infrastructure to make sure they can freely get product to market; and we want to ensure that the state and industry are taking care of fish stocks for the long term.
—Larry Collins



  • We support sustainable levels of freshwater allocations in the Sacramento River delta, for improved salmon returns.
  • We have successfully advocated for crab pot limits in Northern California waters.
  • We currently hold federal and state permits for three member boats to perform low-impact, vertical hook-and-line rock cod fishing, as part of a demonstration approach for avoiding bycatch.